Two Piano Trios, B25 and B26

Opus number


Burghauser catalogue number

25, 26

The previous existence of two piano trios from the years 1871–1872 is described in an article published in Hudebni listy on 18 April 1872: “Ant. Dvorak has written two trios for piano, violin and cello”. Both pieces are also included on a list Dvorak later wrote of the works he destroyed. The Adagio from one of the trios was performed at the “sixth informal evening of music” on 5 July 1872. Surviving reviews inform us that, in the Adagio, “there appear such creative force and musical invention, such ingenuity and poetic delicacy, that any formal shortcomings (such as lack of clarity and proportion) do not seem to us to be an insurmountable obstacle for a young artist forging his way towards a most wonderful future.