Two Piano Pieces (Lullaby and Capriccio), B188

Opus number

Burghauser catalogue number


Date of composition

28 August – 29 August 1894, 7 September 1894

Premiere - date and place


Premiere performer(s)


First edition

Simrock, 1911, Berlin

Parts / movements

1. Berceuse (Molto moderato)
2. Capriccio (Allegretto scherzando)


approx. 5 min. 40 sec.

Dvořák intended to write another cycle of piano pieces after Humoresques, however, these two superb little pieces are only a fragment of what the composer had originally planned, and were only published after his death by Simrock in 1911. Connections with Humoresques are evident particularly in the way the themes are treated; in the first piece Dvořák uses a three-part song form, in the second a more complex quasi-rondo form. Both works have shades of the distinctive melodies of the composer’s contemporary, Edvard Grieg, a unique phenomenon in Dvořák’s oeuvre. The third part of the planned cycle appeared in his manuscript merely as an eight-bar sketch marked Dithyramb, which he later used as a base for the polonaise theme from his opera Rusalka.