Moravian Duets (a cappella), B107

Opus number

Burghauser catalogue number


Date of composition

18 (?) March - 19 March 1880

Premiere - date and place

Nos. 4 and 5: 29 March 1880, Prague
complete performance: 27 November 1952, Prague (?)

Premiere performer(s)

Nos. 4 and 5: Zdenka Havelkova, ? Richtrova, Klotilda Cermakova, Anna Dvorakova, conductor Antonin Dvorak
complete performance: Female Society of Prague Teacher

First edition

not published yet


Moravian folk-songs

Parts / movements

1. Forsaken (Holub na javore)
2. Omens (Zelenaj se, zelenaj)
3. The Wild Rose (Sipek)
4. Speed Thee, Birdie (Velet , vtacku)
5. The Slighted Heart (Dyby byly kosa nabrosena)


approx. 13 min.

In March 1880 Dvorak arranged five of his Moravian Duets (two from Op. 29 and three from Op. 32) for four unaccompanied female voices. Two of these were performed for the first time on 29 March at a Dvorak concert held in Prague in support of the construction of the National Theatre. The work has yet to come out in print.