Bouquet of Czech Folk Songs, op. 41, B72

Opus number


Burghauser catalogue number


Date of composition

November (?) 1877 (revision: 1898(?))

Premiere - date and place

No. 1: 26 October 1878, Brno
No. 2: 20 June 1878, Brno

Premiere performer(s)

Nos. 1 and 2: Beseda brněnská, conductor Leoš Janáček

First edition

Nos. 1–3: Hudební matice, 1921, Prague
No. 4: not yet pubished


Czech and Moravian folk songs

Parts / movements

1. The Betrayed Shepherd (Zavedený ovčák)
2. The Sweetheart's Resolve (Úmysl milenčin)
3. The Guelder Rose (Kalina)
4. The Czech Diogenes (Český Diogenes)


approx 8 min. 30 s.

This cycle is set to the texts of Czech and Moravian folk songs and was written for a cappella male choir. We are not sure of the precise date the songs were written, however, they did appear during the three-year period (1876–1878) in which the composer wrote the large majority of his choral works. The songs have a simple and largely homophonic texture and essentially observe the strophic nature of the original texts. Their mood is somewhat reminiscent of the Moravian Duets, with the exception of the song The Czech Diogenes, which should perhaps be seen more as a musical jest. The premiere of the first two parts of the cycle was entrusted to Leoš Janáček, who included them in concerts organised by the Beseda brněnská choral society in 1878.