Wihan, Hanus (1855-1920)

Czech cellist and teacher, member of the Czech Quartet. He was a close friend of Dvorak, and the composer dedicated his Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in B minor to him, along with his Rondo in G minor. Wihan proposed extensive revisions to the solo part of the Concerto in B minor (in particular, the incorporation of a virtuosic cadenza in the third movement), which Dvorak did not agree to. Wihan joined Dvorak and violinist Ferdinand Lachner to perform piano trios in a series of “farewell” concerts which Dvorak organised in 1892 before his departure for the United States. They appeared in forty concerts held in Czech and Moravian towns and cities, together presenting Dvorak’s chamber pieces, especially the “Dumky” Piano Trio. Wihan regularly promoted Dvorak’s works and Czech music in general in the programmes he put together for his domestic and foreign tours.