Littleton, Alfred (1845 - 1914)

Co-owner of the prominent London-based music publishers Novello, Ewer & Company during the years 1886–1914. He was a key figure in Dvorak’s career for several reasons: he helped Dvorak set up contacts in England, he hosted the composer during his visits to the country (Dvorak spent a considerable amount of time at Littleton’s estate, Westwood House in Sydenham), he initiated commissions for a number of new works from Dvorak, and acted as his informal representative in dealings with English concert agencies. In 1891 he also played a significant role mediating negotiations between the composer and the president of the New York Conservatory, Jeanette Thurber. Novello publishing house, of which Littleton was the most important representative, published a number of Dvorak’s works: Symphony No. 8, the Hymn “The Heirs of the White Mountain”, The Spectre’s Bride, Saint Ludmila, Requiem and Mass in D major.