Adolf Čech (1841–1903)

Conductor of the Provisional, later National, Theatre, brother of the opera singer Karel Čech. He met Dvořák when they were both working together in the Cecilian Association Orchestra. During his time with the Provisional and National Theatre, and when he performed in concert, Čech presented Dvořák’s works on many occasions, a number of them in their premieres: the second musical setting of the opera King and Collier on 24 November 1874; the opera Vanda on 17 April 1876; Serenade in E major on 10 December 1876; Romance for Violin and Orchestra on 9 December 1877; the opera The Cunning Peasant on 27 January 1878; Piano Concerto in G minor on 24 March 1878; three Slavonic Dances, Op. 46, on 16 May 1878; Symphony No. 5 in F major on 25 March 1879; Stabat Mater on 23 December 1880; Symphony No. 6 in D major on 25 March 1881; Scherzo capriccioso on 16 May 1883; and Symphony No. 2 in B flat major on 11 March 1888.