Scottish Dances, Op. 41, B74

Opus number


Burghauser catalogue number


Date of composition

November (?) December (?) 1877

Premiere - date and place

(?) 19 October 2020, Prague

Premiere performer(s)

(?) Ivo Kahánek

First edition

Emanuel Starý, 1879, Prague


approx. 5 min. 40 sec.

This short piano piece was written at the end of 1877 under the influence of Schubert’s piano dances Ecossaises. It has a simple formal arrangement (a series of eight-bar periods following on from one another) and distinctive rhythm. Two years later Dvořák had it published by Prague publisher Emanuel Starý. The first known performance did not take place until 19 September 2020 as part of the Dvořák Prague International Music Festival.