Ave Maria, Op. 19b, B68

Opus number


Burghauser catalogue number


Date of composition

23 July – 24 July 1877

Premiere - date and place

26 July 1877, Sychrov

Premiere performer(s)

Anna Dvořáková, Antonín Dvořák

First edition

Emanuel Starý, 1883, Prague


Liturgical Latin


approx. 3 min.

The song Ave Maria is a setting of the traditional liturgical text and is written for a low-register voice with organ accompaniment. Dvořák wrote it while staying with his friend Alois Göbl at Sychrov in the summer of 1877. He dedicated the song to his wife Anna, who premiered it on her name day (26 July) in the castle chapel, accompanied by the composer at the organ. The song was first published in 1883 by Prague publisher Emanuel Starý.