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two waltzes 

opus number
Burghauser catalogue number
9 December 1879 and March 1880
premiere - date and place
private performance: December 1879, Prague
public performance (orchestral setting of the strings): 29 March 1880  
premiere - preformer(s)
December 1879: Novacek, Pecirka, Buchal, Sramek (?)
29 March 1880: conductor Antonin Dvorak 
parts / movements
No. 1 A major (Moderato)
No. 2 D major (Allegro vivace)
approx. 7 min. 

Dvorak arranged the first and fourth piece from his piano cycle Waltzes, Op. 54, for string quartet as well. For ease of performance the second of these was transposed from the original D flat major to D major. This quartet version of the Waltzes was only published after the composer’s death, in 1911.