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Dvorak’s spiritual character

At the core of Dvorak’s spiritual world lay his sincere religious faith, with no trace of ostentation or effusiveness, his profound humanistic sentiment coupled with an understanding of human misgivings and failures, his modern democratic spirit, his reserved patriotism devoid of soulless chauvinism, and his love for his family. Dvorak’s perseverance and single-mindedness were typical character traits and he was famous for his reticence and abstractedness, as he was for his fascination for innovations in technical progress, particularly modes of transport. He loved the countryside whose beauty and natural order he always spoke of with admiration.

“Truth without superficiality, true democracy which doesn’t court the powerful or elevate its own greatness above those “lower down”, self-confidence of the Chosen One without conceit, the most profound emotion without sentimentality, ineffable joy from his work, a pure and genuine relationship with God and people – these were the qualities of his soul. But still the constant creative unease! I can see the Maestro’s hand now, even during a lull in the conversation, his fingers continually playing restlessly on his lapel, as if on the keys of a piano. It seemed as if he were thinking only through music.”

Josef Suk, Dvorak’s pupil and son-in-law