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quartet movement in f major

COMPOSED completed 9 Ocotber 1881
PREMIERE - DATE AND PLACE 29 April 1945, Prague (Czech Radio)
PREMIERE - PERFORMER(S) Ondricek Quartet (Richard Zika, Josef Peska, Vincenc Zahradnik, Bedrich Jaros)
FIRST EDITION Orbis, 1951, Prague
MAIN KEY F major
DURATION approx. 9 min.

Quartet Movement in F major was written as the first part of a planned string quartet commissioned by the chamber ensemble led by court Kapellmeister Joseph Hellmesberger. The movement appeared over the course of three days in October 1881, however, after completing the piece, Dvorak decided to put it to one side and began working on a new quartet (C major, Op. 61).